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It has been my experience that I have not always been able to get the holiday that I really want - either in destination or mix of adventure, luxury and relaxation. It occurred to me that after having sorted out a few holidays myself that I could recommend these to people who are interested and also give advice

I have found it particularly difficult to find the right holidays in Africa and other destinations round the world. These are now easy and can be arranged by Beyond the Norm Holidays. It is my intention to grow these destinations to make it easier for the discerning and adventurous traveller.

In particular, I have been to Kenya many times and, together with Tanzania and Zanzibar, I am very familiar with the options available. If you are considering these destinations, or even obtained prices for set holidays, it is probable that I could arrange a tailor-made holiday for the same or even lower price. The advice and information is free. So please contact us to discuss your holiday requirements and  any options which are available.

The website will be updated regularly with more information.

 David Cottey

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